Building a website or a portal and managing it with a large amount of content can be challenging task. With enormous amount of content being published on web every day, business entities need effective system to create, store, retrieve and archive the content.

Total Article Manager is a powerful web site content management system specially designed for small and medium business entities to provide faster and efficient way to publish news, articles, press releases and any type of content to the web site or news portal.

The Application is a total content management system that provides various of features, like management of news and articles, create, edit, delete, publish, approval, notification etc . Comments, feedback, reviews, ratings of articles can also be displayed easily.

The application is role based, which provides access control based on user groups or individual users. Roles can be created like publishers, editors and administrators and various privileges attached to them. The administrative panel provides various options like Bad Words Filter, content screening to handle the articles before publishing.

Major Features

  • Powerful and Advanced content Search
  • News and articles with thumbnail and large images
  • Article retention policy
  • View Recent and Popular articles
  • Posting Comments,Ratings, Polling and reviews
  • Dashboards & reports for analysis
  • Article Forward, Print, Sharing options
  • Advertisement banner
  • SMS & Email integration
  • News and article posting based on multilevel categories
  • Role based access of the content like Guest , general users , Registered Member , Authors ,Editors , Administrator

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