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About Us

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development Vedya Info Solutions(VIS) provides mobility services and solutions for most of the mobile platform. Our engagement models are flexible and encompass the need for every business including small and medium business and enterprises. The diversity of devices and OS versions and developing Apps for mobile quickly has become a challenging task.

Both businesses and consumers demand innovative‚ out of the box mobile solutions that provide classy user experiences. The expectations of the new generation mobile users are boundless. We include highly user friendly UI and rich features in our solutions which include location awareness, maps, data capture, notifications, videos, near field communication etc on various mobile platforms.

As one of the leading offshore mobile app development outsourcing company, we ensure high quality apps for business and individuals looking to outsource mobile app development within budget.

We have a strong team of dedicate app development experts with 3 to 6 years of experience in native and hybrid mobile application development for various domains. We have invested and built reusable tested library components which will help us in rapid application development. This helps us in reducing the cost to our customers and providing quality and faster delivery time.

Our Expertise

  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • IOS

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