Survey Xpert

SurveyXpert is a comprehensive survey management software application which helps in conducting both paper (manual) and paperless online survey’s. The application is build to suit the needs of various customers with different kind of survey requirements. The applications helps to conduct various Business surveys, Hr and Employee surveys, planning survey’s, training, market research and satisfaction , Political survey’s and polls. It is simple 4 step process.

  • Configure
  • Design Survey - Design simple, smart and professional surveys. Create your own question bank with various types of questions like single choice, multiple choice, check box , text box . No software downloads or plug-ins required.
  • Publish and collect results - Survey questionnaire can be distributed using web links, email invitations, pop-ups, and social networks. Results can also be collected using manual data entry forms.
  • Report and analysis Results - The application comes with predefined reports and analysis. Analysis is based on total survey statistics, question based analysis, and access based analysis using various types of data filters. Survey can be confidential or open surveys’.

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