We understand how it is important for you to choose a trustworthy partner that understands your problems and knows how to solve them. We are here to make your choice easy.

One Stop Company

Vedyainfo forms a single access point. We craft a unique information technology solution that will deliver value and addresses all your business needs. We work with companies of all sizes, and our service offerings cater to multiple industry domains and verticals, following a full or partial systems development life cycle.

Optimally, we aim to provide a customized service catering to the client's specific needs, thus benefiting from the broad spectrum of technology tools, quality services and low cost development

Customer Centric Approach

Vedyainfo generates ideas, evaluates business processes and helps our clients in materializing an idea, application, or a process. With our domain expertise and streamline process we ensure rapid application development with high degree of certainty in time and cost predictions. We always try to look at your enterprise from the viewpoint of your customers.

KIS 's highly qualified and skilled team members participate intensely with the client during their complete development life cycle thus enabling our clients to improve the time to market. We help companies define and implement robust solutions fast, efficiently, and cost effectively to gain the maximum benefit from technology and quickly realize a return on investment.

Our People

We are a highly experienced and dedicated group of people proficient in diverse technologies and having expertise in various domains. Our total experience in Software development is over 500 man-years. Our people understand that world-class service requires the highest degree of professionalism, effective communication and a focus on delivering the right quality.

Our combination of project management and team management methodologies, the benefit of stable, highly skilled engineering teams allow us to deliver innovative solutions while helping our customers meet their business goals at a great value. All our employees are qualified engineers or post graduates.

VIS creates solutions to best serve the needs of our clients and alliance partners.