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Adani Mundra Petrochem Limited

Adani Mundra Petrochem Limited(AMPL)

Vedya Info Solutions, an IT consulting services company, Hyderabad. Vedya providing IT consulting services to Global MNC & pioneer in Document Management System(DMS), OpenText Inc. In this case, On behalf of OpenText Inc., Vedya provided Project Program Management consulting services to Adani Group of Companies – Implementation of DMS solutions for their Engineering and content management viz. all types of documents including digital artefacts across organization.

Adani Petrochem which is part of Adani Group is looking for a centralized repository to manage engineering documents along with collaboration with external parties and document commenting. OpenText has agreed to provide their Solution implementation of Document Management System (DMS) for Engineering Documents for storing Data in one place and data records for all Projects.

Key benefits of the xECM for Engineering Solution are -

  • Controls risks to project scope, schedule, and costs
  • Ensures faster return on investment by speeding time to production and operations
  • Improves project efficiency and control via process automation, revision transparency, and concurrent document revisions
  • Adapts to needs of Engineers, Document Control Managers, Project Leaders and Contractors working for Owner-Operators and Engineering Departments

Business Challenge

The Challenges faced by Existing environment

  • Presently, all the communication, data, emails were not centrally stored and stored in various softwares, email server, Google drive, one drive, Hard disks etc… Time taking activities in Engineering, Electrical and other disciplines, huge impact on the projects execution timelines.

Solutions Offered

  • OpenText xECM for Engineering in general provides a single, authoritative repository for storing and organizing engineering documents. This solution for engineers and supporting teams with a secure, collaborative web-based environment to create, review, and manage, both completed and work-in-progress engineering documents with contractors and suppliers.
  • Vedya Info Solutions has successfully provided the IT Program & project management consulting services for the execution of this Project at Adani Mundra Petrochem Limited. The solution was implemented as per the agreed timelines and more than 30 users are using the solution, this has minimised their projects execution and monitoring time and huge value proposition in terms of Engineering, Electrical and other projects execution using xECM for Engineering across AMPL.

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