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Invoice processing in OpenText VIM - Perrigo via OpenText

Business Challenge

The Challenges faced by Existing environment

  • Business requires the OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions is a leading invoice management and processing solution that fully integrates with SAP.
  • Using pre-configured rules, roles and actions, the solution optimizes and automates end-to-end processing from receipt to posting.
  • The solution includes processes for invoices, sales orders and delivery notes and supports custom document processes.
  • Accelerates invoice and order processing through rapid data capture and automated routing Reduces the time required to process documents through rapid data capture from any source (business networks, EDI, XML, email or scan), offering intelligent data enrichment and automated routing based on business rules and roles.
  • The integrated self-service user interface for suppliers and employees eliminates time-consuming responses to invoice and payment status queries.
  • Integration with OpenText Intelligent Capture for SAP Solutions and OpenText Core Capture for SAP® Solutions (SaaS) adds intelligent data capture from images.
  • This significantly reduces the time required for processing, streamlining processes by handling complex business rules and documents with minimum human interaction and maximum control.

Solutions Offered

  • Increases ROI by reducing invoice cycle times and eliminating late fees.
  • Expands customer satisfaction by automating sales order processing.
  • Improves productivity through intelligent automation.
  • Ensures compliance through defined business processes and a documented audit trail.
  • Seamlessly integrates with OpenText information management solutions for SAP, including OpenText Extended ECM for SAP and OpenText Core Archive for SAP Solutions.
  • Streamline document-centric processes throughout the enterprise, including low volume scenarios where automation creates high value returns.
  • Intelligently prioritize invoices and customer orders and automate routing, approval and payment processes, leading to better terms
  • Invoice processing: OpenText VIM can be used with or without an OCR system for text recognition. It can also process invoices via EDI or email with or without a purchase order reference.
  • Invoice posting: OpenText VIM offers controlled and automated invoice posting, exception handling, aging, escalation, and reporting.
  • Invoice management: OpenText VIM optimizes and simplifies the process of receiving, managing, routing, and monitoring invoices and related documentation.
  • Invoice disputes: OpenText VIM helps address invoice disputes with clients.
  • Invoices without purchase orders: OpenText VIM helps address invoices submitted without purchase orders.



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